A heroin dealer has been hit with a lengthy jail sentence for crimes extending beyond drugs.

Munir Gonzales, 28, was convicted on December 12 of 22 gun-related felonies including making false written statements to obtain firearms, conspiracy and unlawful possession of firearms.

Due to Gonzales’ felony record for selling drugs, he was prohibited from owning or purchasing firearms. That’s where Gonzales’ heroin addict customers came into play.

Understanding his restrictions from purchasing guns, Gonzales recruited his customers to make firearms purchases for him in exchange for drugs, or debt forgiveness.

Munir Gonzales, 28. (Credit: Crime Watch)

The purchasing of firearms for Gonzales took place in gun shops in Tullytown, Bristol Township, and Southampton.

One of Gonzales victims explained she obliged to the drug dealers requests because she owed Gonzales money.

“He said don’t make me come to your house and you are going to buy guns for me,” the victim said. “If I wanted my daughter to be safe I should do it.”

During a 2014 investigation, investigators seized heroin, firearms, and empty firearms sales containers from two addresses associated with Gonzales in Trenton.

Gonzales has been sentenced to seven concurrent five-to-10-year prison sentences for false statements made in the purchase, delivery or transfer of a firearm, and a concurrent two to four years for an eighth count.

Gonzales was also sentenced to seven concurrent three-to-10-year sentences for each count of illegally possessing firearms.