The PA House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill updating do-not-call list regulations to prevent annoying telemarketing calls.

Do-not-call list reforms would help stop telemarketing calls.State Rep. Frank Farry said he has worked on the legislation, H.B. 318, since 2015 in a recent press release. If enacted into law, it would help both consumers and businesses.

“A local mechanic explained to me that every time his business line rings, someone puts their work on hold to take the call, which they assume is a customer,” Farry said. “When you think about this, it’s easy to see how frequent unwanted telemarketing calls can be frustrating for small businesses.”

Currently, businesses cannot add their number to a do-not-call list. Fortunately, H.B. 318 would change this to allow business owners to put their phones under the list’s umbrella.

Additionally, this legislation would help home and cell phones. The way things stand now, officials remove numbers from the do-not-call list every five years. This can be tedious and confusing as people who thought they were exempt can receive calls again out of the blue.

“These are reasonable reforms that would make life easier for Pennsylvanians who don’t want to receive telemarketing solicitations or robocalls,” Farry said.

The bill would also include changes to the calls themselves. It mandates robocall systems to include an opt-out option within the first few seconds of their solicitation, instead of after five minutes.

H.B. 318 now goes to the state senate for consideration.