Representative Gene DiGirolamo has introduced a bill in the state House to set safe nurse-to-patient ratios. H.B. 867 sets minimum nurse-to-patient ratios depending on work environment and demands.

State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo speaks at a conference in Harrisburg Wednesday.

DiGirolamo announced at the conference he has a daughter who works at a Pennsylvania hospital. He says he is intimately familiar with the challenges she faces every day.

“This legislation is critically important to patient safety,” DiGirolamo said. “A 2015 Joint State Government Commission study showed a clear relationship between nurse staffing and patient outcomes. Nurses many times are the unsung heroes whose significant work is underappreciated, but greatly affects patient outcomes.”

If passed, neonatal intensive care units would have a ratio at 1:2, while a pre-surgical unit, would have a ratio of 1:4.

The bill moves to the House Health Committee.

Wednesday’s press conference is available here.