DA Charges Husband In 1981 Murder Cold Case

A photo of Gloria Korzon (L) and William Korzon. Photos provided by the Bucks County District Attorney's Office.

DA Matt Weintraub has reopened a cold case and brought charges of first degree murder against William Walter Korzon for the death of his wife Gloria Korzon in 1981.

Despite never finding a body, authorities ruled Mrs. Korzon dead in 1997. Weintraub says most of the evidence appears circumstantial.

William Korzon, 76, being arrested. Photo via Crimewatch.

“This prosecution will be difficult, but difficult to prosecute is not an excuse for us to avoid seeking justice for Gloria Korzon,” Weintraub said at a press conference Thursday. “We can’t just wait and hope that this case will improve. Gloria’s family has waited long enough.”

The former Warrington resident married Gloria Korzon in 1967. But letters from Mrs. Korzon to her attorney show the relationship was plagued by domestic abuse.

Gloria Korzon was reportedly last seen on March 6, 1981. After her death, Korzon put on a facade for his wife’s employer and family to pretend she was still alive.

Two months later, Korzon sent a Mother’s Day card to his deceased wife’s mother and signed it “Gloria S. Korzon.” Additionally, he allegedly forged her signature on tax documents to increase his share of her estate. 

Officials arrested Korzon in York County Thursday morning. When asked by reporters if he killed his wife, Korzon responded “No I did not.”

While the case had appeared dead for decades, recent confidential information changed the situation. A two year grand jury investigation and a new look at old case files revealed new details.

Korzon will be held at Bucks County Correctional Facility without bail. He is facing several charges including criminal homicide, forgery and perjury.