Croydon Teen Stabbed 80 Times, Cousin Charged With Murder 

Colin Haag, 20, after his preliminary arraignment in Bristol Township. Photo by Charlotte Reese.

Colin Haag, 20, was arraignment Friday, April 6, one week after the brutal murder of his cousin, Autumn Bartle, 14.

He allegedly shot her in the temple and stabbed her more times than the coroner could count, more than 80. Haag faces criminal homicide, aggravated assault, burglary, kidnapping, among other related charges.

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Autumn was found inside the family’s Croydon home around 6:40 p.m. by her mother, Tiffany Larison. She was “unconscious on the living room floor bleeding from her head and numerous parts of her body,” according to the affidavit.

DA Matt Weintraub speaking in Bristol Township

When police arrived at the gory scene,  blood was found smeared in the bathroom, on the walls upstairs and downstairs, with no sign of Haag.

Michael Bartle, Autumn’s father, said Haag had been living in their basement. Autumn resided in the home’s front bedroom, while Larison, estranged from Michael, slept on a recliner in the living room and he occupied the attic bedroom.

“She was confined to the bathroom and repeatedly stabbed,” District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said of the evidence. “She tried to escape…but was unsuccessful.”

Approximately three hours later, Haag was found in Bensalem a couple miles from the residence. He attempted to end his life by shooting himself in the throat later stating, “he didn’t want to go to jail.”

Police recovered a bloody backpack they used for evidence. Inside they found two handguns that belonged to Michael Bartle and a spiral notebook – the last page, with a bloody handprint, read, “this is the last of Slim that’s all you get it’s the end 4 me.”

Autumn Bartle, 14

The blood collected from Haag’s backpack matched Autumn’s after a Bensalem Township Rapid DNA analyzer test.

Autumn’s family, though present, declined to comment at this time. Weintraub said she was a “strong young lady.”

“The victim’s organs, Autumn’s organs were donated by her family to others who needed them so that they may live,” Weintraub said. “And that is a courageous decision.”

No clear motive for the brutal killing has been released.

“Sometimes, as we stand here, in this case, when you look into the face of a killer you don’t get answers, you see only darkness.”

Haag is expected in court next week after he is assigned a public defender. District Attorneys Jennifer Shorn is handling the prosecution.