While some are waiting for January 6th to get rid of their Christmas trees, others are more ready to put the holidays behind them. Some municipalities have different procedures and getting rid of a Christmas tree shouldn’t be more complicated than putting it up.

Here is some helpful information for people in Lower Bucks to part ways with their trees.

Lower Southampton:

Trees should be placed curbside during the third week of January for collection. They can be put with regular collection the following week.

J.P. Mascaro provides trash removal services for Lower Southampton and Bristol Borough residents. Anyone with questions can call 1-800-432-1616 for more information.

Falls Township:

Christmas Tree Pickup flyer for Falls Township and the surrounding area.

Falls Township and Morrisville residents have the option to compost their trees starting Saturday. Waste Management will be picking up trees on the roadside for composting on Jan. 5.

For people who want to hang on to their trees just a week longer, they can also put them out on Jan. 12. After Jan. 12, any left over trees can be put out with regular trash. Residents must cut trees 6 ft. or larger in half.

Waste Management will also have a collection container throughout January at their Scale House area, located at 1400 Bordentown Road in Morrisville. Drop off is free for anyone.

Bristol Township:

Bristol Township residents who don’t want to take their Christmas trees to the collection container have to wait until next week or the following week. Trees will be taken away on normal trash collection days starting Jan. 7.

Middletown Township:

Christmas trees can be put out for regular trash collection, though there is another option. Middletown residents only can head to the Middletown Recycling Center and dispose of them at any time.

Bensalem Township:

The same private companies Bensalem residents hire for trash and recycling collection services must also provide at least one day for Christmas tree pickup. The specific day or time frame may vary for each company and the residents are responsible for contacting their provider.

Yardley Borough:

Yardley has a much tighter window for Christmas tree collection. Residents should have their trees curbside by 6 a.m. on Saturday, Jan 12.