Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Speak MY Piece: Letter To Trump

Dear Mr. President: You have done many good things, even great things while in office – and so I, like many of your supporters, overlook...

Speak MY Piece: Kaepernick Shuns Betsy Ross

The First Amendment provides us with freedom of religion and freedom of expression, free from government imposition. How great is that? While it’s not...

Speak MY Piece: Phone Scams Abound

The Bucks County Consumer Protection Dept. has a great reputation and a great director/staff to help consumers wade through the scams and “rip-offs” so...

Speak MY Piece: Observing Flag Day

Jun. 14 is a special day this year as always. It is a day to honor the flag that represents this great country, its...

Speak MY Piece: Remembering D-Day

June 6, 1944 is indelibly imprinted in our collective, American memory. We call it D-Day. Then, under cover of darkness, Allied troops crossed the...

Speak MY Piece: Summer Fun And The Environment

While there is a more noble reason for the holiday, in the minds of many, summer unofficially begins on the Memorial Day weekend. Hundreds,...

Speak MY Piece: Run Joe Run

And now the former vice president has thrown his hat into the ring to save the soul of the nation. Okay... My take is Joe...

Speak MY Piece: Felon Voting Rights

Should convicted felons have the right to vote? So far, they do not, but Sen. Bernie Sanders would have it another way. Sanders, who wants...

Speak MY Piece: Notre Dame

Who watched in horror as the Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames, Monday? The world. It has been repeated -- Notre Dame is more...
Bill Barr

Speak MY Piece: Bill Barr

A brief observation: Another Capitol Hill day dominated by the Trump Derangement Syndrome. Actually, the first day, Tuesday, was designated to be a House...

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