Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Speak MY Piece: Panic Buying And Toilet Paper

Topic of the week, again. Coronavirus.  Two things: Stop scaring people, whoever you are, and quit hoarding food, whoever you are. Everyone is talking...

Speak MY Piece: About The Coronavirus

Speaking of the coronavirus, here’s what President Donald J. Trump tweeted yesterday:  “So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages...

Speak MY Piece: Super Tuesday!

It’s early in the delegate count, but it appears that Joe Biden will be the one to face President Trump in November. He has...

Speak MY Piece: Responding To The Coronavirus

Much of the news seems to be focused on the stealthy expansion of the Coronavirus into every continent, except Antarctica. And rightly so. America is...

Speak MY Piece: Words Matter, Pennsbury Lawsuits

Words matter. Ask President Donald Trump, Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Debbie Wachspress. A slip of the lip, a racial or ethnic slur, a dirty...

Speak MY Piece: Democrat Debate

Here’s my take on the Democrat debate last night from Las Vegas: Good entertainment, but a kind of slippery slope for most. If you were...

Speak MY Piece: Democrats And Bloomberg

At one point I thought Bernie was done for all the obvious reasons, namely, he’s an Independent and a Socialist. He is not a...

Speak MY Piece: Fuyao Glass, The American Factory

I just watched the Oscar-winning documentary, The American Factory, on Netflix. It was gripping. Filmakers Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert documented what happened in the...

Speak MY Piece: Democrats vs. Each Other

It’s the Democrats vs. Each Other, right now, but the bullseye is Donald Trump. They’re all running against him, while hoping to take down the...

Speak MY Piece: President Trump’s Acquittal

The phony impeachment trial of President Donald Trump ended as many thought it would – with an acquittal in the Senate, Wednesday. Is it finally...

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