Saturday, June 15, 2019
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Speak MY Piece: Notre Dame

Who watched in horror as the Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames, Monday? The world. It has been repeated -- Notre Dame is more...
Bill Barr

Speak MY Piece: Bill Barr

A brief observation: Another Capitol Hill day dominated by the Trump Derangement Syndrome. Actually, the first day, Tuesday, was designated to be a House...

Speak MY Piece: Joe Biden #MeToo

Has former Vice President Joe Biden fallen from grace in this crazy political climate, gender politics and the #MeToo movement? I guess so. He...

Speak MY Piece: Mueller Report

How long have we been talking about the investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible “collusion” with the Russians – over two years? This past...

Speak MY Piece: Vote Against A National Emergency

Update Friday, 4:32 p.m.: President Trump has vetoed the resolution blocking his national emergency declaration. Twelve Senate Republicans and a handful of House Republicans put...

Speak MY Piece: Snowfall Writing

And here we are in the midst of another snowstorm – finally. It’s Sunday and I am so excited to think snow is coming,...

Speak MY Piece: The Drunken Irish?

Begorra! I was in a store today and saw shelves filled with St. Patrick’s Day merchandise, shirts, hats and beads -- as green as...

Speak MY Piece – PW: Michael Cohen’s Hearing

I watched most of the House Intelligence Committee hearing throughout the day as Michael Cohen trashed the President of the United States. Cohen, Trump’s...

Speak MY Piece -PW: Republicans Against National Emergency

Here’s some news: Thirteen Republican lawmakers joined a Democratic majority in the House yesterday to block President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to...

Speak MY Piece – PW: National Emergency

If the political “outage” imposed on us daily is about The Wall, poverty, parent and child separation, why not include illicit drugs and traffickers...

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