Carry The Load Returning To Yardley

Carry The Load group and Yardley veterans in May 2018. Photo by Charlotte Reese.

Carry the Load is coming back through Yardley Borough on its way from West Point New York to Dallas Texas. As part of a flourishing tradition, volunteers including Mayor Chris Harding will be walking 37 miles from Washington Crossing Park to Independence Hall.

Yardley will be carrying Sam Schultz for Carry the Load 2019.
Marine Captain Sam Schultz .

Mayor Chris Harding announced the walkers will again be carrying Marine Captain Sam Schultz of Huntington Valley, who was one of four marines killed in a helicopter crash last April.

“It was right before the Carry the Load last year,” Harding recalled. “That’s what this is all about: Walking to restore the meaning of Memorial Day and never forgetting the people, whether they be military or emergency services, who gave their lives for us.”

Harding also teased he had several things in the works for this year’s Carry the Load, but wouldn’t give out too many details

“Fortunately we struck a relationship will the Travis Manion Foundation last year,” Harding said. “It’s a perfect synergy because their goals, our goals, and Carry the Load’s goals are all very much in common. And they’re back in.”

Additionally, people taking the 37 mile trek will be carrying 22 pounds of food on their backs. The donated food will make its way into Philadelphia and be dropped off at Philadbundance.

Harding encourages people to follow his mayoral Facebook page for updates, available here. He recommends social media for anyone looking to ask a question or sign up for part of the journey. The nationwide walk will pass through Yardley on May 1.