The Neshaminy hearings continued for their fourth day Thursday with increasing heat and tension. The Solarium Room was far from solemn today when a Native American man approached witness Richard Kain after testifying.

Kain, who was a former student at Neshaminy and is now a Spanish teacher at Neshaminy High School, remarked the logo “Redskins was always a sense of pride for the district, never in an offensive way.”

Neshaminy Attorney Craig Ginsburg questions witness Joe Turchi during day four of the Redskins hearings. Photo by Rick Rickman.

However, the anonymous Native American man became enraged at Kain’s testimony. During recess, he sat down near Kain, stared at him intensely, then challenged Kain to call him a Redskin to his face.

“That is offensive to me,” the man could be heard shouting over the crowd.

The hearing overseer scolded the outburst saying witness intimidation is not acceptable “in any manner, in anyway, against any individual […] in the proceedings of this hearing.”

Attorneys also questioned attorney, Joe Turchi, father of four children who are enrolled in Neshaminy School District.

“They’re doing a great job with our kids” when describing his experience with Neshaminy. He continued explaining the students always acted in an appropriate manner at school events, never mocking their Redskins logo, as it is “a sense of pride for the kids.”

Hearings may roll over into next week. Parents are welcomed to attend to stay informed of the current situation.

WBCB’s Courtney Fegely contributed to this post.