Bucks GOP Disavows Congressional Candidate Andy Meehan

The Bucks County GOP Executive Committee says Andy Meehan "failed to meet the standards our Committee holds for candidates seeking its recommendation and support." Meehan says he has "nothing to hide."

Andy Meehan (left) and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

The Bucks County GOP Executive Committee announced Tuesday it is cutting any potential ties with Andy Meehan, a Republican primary challenger. They cited “discriminatory and deceptive practices,” which Meehan calls an “everything and the kitchen sink” attack.

The announcement comes less than 14 weeks before the April primary. It may cause difficulties for Meehan as he tries to challenge Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick for the Republican primary nomination.

The statement, released Tuesday, from GOP Chair Pat Poprik:

“At last night’s meeting, we reaffirmed our Party’s commitment to core values that promote fairness, equality, and prosperity for all Americans.

Following the discovery of discriminatory statements made on social media and a record of deception unbecoming of a candidate for federal office, the Executive Committee has found Andrew Meehan’s congressional candidacy inconsistent with our shared values of individual liberty and personal freedom.

As a result, the Executive Committee has voted to not include Mr. Meehan in the candidates screening before the locally elected committee people to seek their recommendation.

The Bucks County Republican Committee will not provide a platform for such candidates to spread division within our community.”

Meehan responded to the statement, pushing back on the Committee’s claims. He said the social media posts were “out-of-context.”

As for a “record of deception,” BCRC spokesperson Anthony Pontarelli laid out specific issues in a follow-up to WBCB. Pontarelli said Meehan lied “during his pre-screening interview regarding his criminal record, history of tax liens, and past involvement in lawsuits, all of which are public record.”

The inclusion of Meehan’s criminal record references a guilty plea to driving while intoxicated in 2007. Meehan included a response as part of a larger criticism of the BCRC’s rejection.

“Thirteen years ago, I made a mistake in driving home from my local bar in the snow. I had a low-speed collision with another car that was parked at a traffic light which caused minor damage. I then pulled over into a parking lot, waited for police, and told them I was drinking. I was convicted, served a forty-eight-hour sentence in Bucks County Prison and a suspension of my license, and paid some steep fines. I greatly regret that incident and have not had any other like it before or since.”

A notice of federal tax lien sent to Andy Meehan in 2009.

Meehan also refuted the basis of the claim about tax liens, saying they amount to an error.

“Twelve years ago, my tax preparer made an error with the assignment of income between my personal taxes and corporate taxes. I resolved the issue at the time. I’ve tasked my current CPA with immediately assessing a fuller explanation for what is shown in this eleven-year-old document and I’ll release it.”

Pontarelli also laid out other concerns:
  • “Attempting to, without our prior knowledge, audio record the pre-screening interview, which we should note is a criminal offense.
  • Recording, without their prior knowledge, meetings with local GOP clubs and committees.”

Meehan ended his response with a challenge to Congressman Fitzpatrick to debate on the issues.