The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office has released the numbers on Saturday’s National Drug Take Back Day. Additionally, the amount of medication collected in Bucks County since October has broken five digits at 10,085.23 pounds.

Director of Communications James O’Malley confirmed Bucks County pulled in 3,939.48 lbs of medication on Saturday alone. This total is a combination of prescription and over-the-counter solid medications, liquid medications, and other miscellaneous related items.

DA Matt Weintraub wants people to know they have several options for safely disposing of unwanted medication.

“People don’t have to wait until today or the next time. You can go to anyone of 34 police departments all across the county and drop your medication off at any time,” Weintraub said.

Collection spots did not accept any illegal drugs, including marijuana and methamphetamine, or any needles. Bucks has collected more than 100,000 pounds since 2010.