Bucks County Commissioner Joins Statewide Council

Gov. Tom Wolf recently appointed Bucks County Commissioner Chairman Robert Loughery to his Invasive Species Council. Loughery’s position is a newly-created county seat on the Council. He was recommended by Douglas Hill, the Executive Director of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania.

“It is with pleasure that I appoint you (Loughery) as a member,” Gov. Wolf wrote.

The Council was established in 2004 under former Gov. Ed Rendell with the intent to encompass all invasive species, plant, insect, and animal, and help preserve them for Pennsylvania’s economy and environment.

Loughery said his key interest is the Spotted Lanternfly, which “has become a real issue,” and he hopes to bring that to the Council.


Loughery is ready to, “jump into it,” and begin to understand what his role is on a bigger level with what the Council will be tackling.

“Agriculture is a big part of Pennsylvania’s economy as well as Bucks County, so when you’re talking about growing grapes, and apples and also if you think about the hardwoods that we have…or the lumber industry something like this (the spotted lanternfly) is devasting.”

The multi-agency Council, made up of seven state agencies and non-governmental agencies, have quarterly meetings in the Harrisburg area.