Low temperatures combined with the snow forecast for the weekend prompted Bucks County to declare a Code Blue. It will remain in effect through the weekend until 7 a.m. on Jan. 15.

In the expected conditions, it is dangerous for anyone to stay out overnight. Now the homeless will have shelters to sleep in until Tuesday morning.

“The county called the Code Blue because of the weather threshold,” said Karen Mineo with Advocates for Homeless and Those in Need. “And that just alert everybody to the fact that it is extremely cold out there so the police would know to bring the homeless into these various shelters.”

The organization has opened up a shelter for Lower Bucks County at Woodside Church in Yardley. However, Mineo says they would be open regardless of the Code Blue because of temperatures in the low 20’s and even harsher wind chills.

“They get a warm shelter for the night and then get breakfast in the morning,” Mineo explained. “Then our bus team picks them up in the morning and brings them back out to the points where we picked them up.”

This is not AHTN’s first rodeo. They open up in a different church each month from December through March to serve the underprivileged.

The Emmaus Road Lutheran Church displays information on the AHTN in April of 2017. Image via Facebook.

In December, Emmaus Road Lutheran Church in Levittown was home base. The AHTN cared for 176 “heads in beds” over thirteen nights.

This is the tenth year since AHTN began conducting Code Blues for the local homeless. An experiment in a small church led to that model being shared with Central and Upper Bucks.

People who want to get involved and help with providing shelter and food for those in need can visit the AHTN website. Anyone with further questions about shelters can call the Bucks County Housing Link at 1-800-810-4434.

WBCB’s Manny Jones contributed to this post.