The Bristol Township Police are still on the search for whoever is responsible for slashing the tires of several vehicles near the Mill Creek Area in Levittown.

A map of all five tire slashing locations on Jan. 11.

In a weekly blotter, police detailed the six vehicles targeted in the incidents this past weekend. The total estimated cost of the damages is about $2050.

It is unclear whether one person is responsible for each case or if there are multiple actors.

Police received three calls from residents Friday morning reporting their tires being slashed overnight. At 8:22 a.m., residents living at the 100 block of Indian Creek Entry complained two of their vehicles had slashed tires.

Just thirty minutes later, people calling from the 100 block of Indigo Turn reported the tires being punctured on their 2003 Ford. The last report for the day came at 11:23 a.m. from the 2300 block of Airacobra Street, in which suspect both keyed their car and punctured a single tire on the driver’s side.

Then Saturday, at about 11:30 a.m., police received yet another call about tires being slashed overnight, this time from the 100 block of Island Road.

Finally, the last call came early Sunday morning shortly before 4 a.m. from the 5700 block of Mitchell Road. The caller reported all four tires being flattened and a broken window on the second floor of their home.

Anyone with information should contact the Bristol Township Police at (215) 785-4040.