A Bensalem Man is being held responsible for allegedly selling lethal doses of fentanyl to his customers in 2017. The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office has charged Ryan Thomas Bittner Walsh, 24, with two counts of drug delivery resulting in death.

Ryan Thomas Bittner Walsh, 24.

The arrest comes two years after victims Ricardo Fernandez, 24, and Morgan Bazik, 20, in their homes. Police say they found their bodies with baggies of heroin and fentanyl nearby.

Bazik’s drugs were labeled “Scarface” and Fernandez’s were unmarked. But both men allegedly bought their product from Walsh, according to an affidavit.

Multiple witnesses cooperating with the Falls Township Police told detectives they had bought heroin from Walsh. They described similar baggies to the ones found near Fernandez in his Morrisville home.

Different witnesses told the Bensalem Police they bought “Scarface” baggies from Walsh. One person said they bought heroin from him on April 23, 2017, just two days before Bazik died. The “Scarface” dose made them sick and vomit.

As the final nail in Walsh’s case, two witnesses told police they were sitting with Walsh when they read on social media about Fernandez’s death. Walsh allegedly told both people, his customers, the fentanyl he sold killed Fernandez.