Bensalem Honors Middle School Basketball Teams

The Snyder Owls stand with Mayor Joe DiGirolamo (left) and Council President Knowles (right) at Bensalem's Council meeting Monday night. Photo by Manny Jones.

It was a night of champions at Bensalem’s last council meeting Monday night. Mayor Joe DiGirolamo and the Council honored Cecilia Snyder Middle School and St Ephraim’s basketball teams.

The Snyder owls went 25-0 this season and last season. David Nieves is the coach of the Snyder Owls and is extremely proud of the team’s accomplishments.

“I am super proud of them,” Nieves. “The amount of talent we faced and that we were able to victor was amazing.”

The Bensalem Council honors St. Ephraim’s at Monday night’s meeting. Photo by Manny Jones.

St. Ephrem’s basketball team won the District 19 Regional Championship for the first time in the history as well as the St Rafael’s basketball tournament. Dr. Samuel Lee, Bensalem School District superintendent, expressed pride in both teams for their accomplishments.

“We are awful proud of Snyder Middle School and St. Ephrem teams,” Lee expressed. “The future bids well for Bensalem basketball.”

Both teams were given certificates from the Mayor and Council as well as State Representative Gene DiGiralomo’s office.

WBCB’s Manny Jones contributed to this post.