The District Attorney’s Office is making progress in its operation to offer free gun locks to seniors as part of Ben’s Campaign. DA Matt Weintraub and several other guests joined Mike Schiller Monday morning to discuss the program

With the help of Project ChildSafe, DA Matt Weintraub piloted Ben’s Campaign in April 2016 following a tragic incident in Upper Bucks.

A Project Childsafe gun lock.

Benjamin Smith, just 2 years old, accidentally shot himself with a firearm lying around the house. His father attempted to give CPR, but the boy died in his fathers arms, according to Weintraub.

Weintraub announced late last year he was working with local organizations to put gun locks in more hands. Kathy Bennett, Executive Director of the Bucks County Area Agency on Aging joined the show as well to talk about reaching seniors with Ben’s Campaign.

“One of the things we’re planning to do with this campaign is have locks available for our staff at the Area Agency on Aging who also go out and are in people’s homes doing assessment,” Bennett said. “That’s a great time to have that conversation. ‘Are there guns? Here are some locks.'”

Now, the DA’s office is working with organizations focused on mental health. Lenape Valley Foundation Chief Operating Officer Sharon Curran also weighed in.

Curran noted people looking for an option to commit suicide often do not pursue other means when they find one is unavailable, like guns being locked.. She also stated that of the survivors who jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, every single one expressed gratitude for another chance at life.

Having a gun lock is entirely voluntary. Weintraub emphasized he is a gun owner, but being safe about firearms can prevent more tragedies. Free locks are available at every single municipality police department in Bucks County.

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