Alleged Turnpike Dodgers Face $66,000 Debt

Jonathan Quinty, 37, and Robert Mansfield, 48. Images via Crimewatch.

Five Pennsylvania residents were charged in Bucks County for thousands of dollars of unpaid turnpike tolls. The suspects combine for more than 1,700 violations, and cost the PA Turnpike $66,000 in unpaid tolls.

Antoinio Green Jr., 31, of Bensalem. Image via Crimewatch.

The arrests come as the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission cracks down on individuals who have unpaid turnpike tolls. These individuals make up the second group within one year to face the music for allegations of toll dodging.

Four of the five defendants were arraigned last week and District Judge Joseph Falcone set bail at $20,000 per person; Thomas Marcina, 40, has yet to be arraigned. Most of the defendants were also charged with driving without being properly licensed.

Typical offenders use the E-ZPass lanes to enter and exit the turnpike. However, the E-ZPass booths have cameras located in them that can help find the drivers and calculate how much they owe based on where they enter and exit.

Authorities say Rachel Andershonis, of Bensalem, used the turnpike for free 311 times within just over one year. She has allegedly accrued a debt of more than $19,000, but the 26-year-old is only in second place for alleged violations.

Rachel Andershonis, 26, of Bensalem. Image via Crimewatch.

John Quinty, of Montgomery County, takes the title for highest alleged Turnpike debt to the tune of $22,000. Authorities claim Quinty, 37, entered the tolls 542 times without paying.

Other individuals charged include Robert Mansfield, 48, of Philadelphia who prosecutors say took 484 trips over five years. His debt amounts to $16,716.

Finally, Antonio Green Jr., of Bensalem, took only 97 joy rides in the E-ZPass lane. He faces a relatively small total charge of $4,009.70.

WBCB’s Kyle Fanelli contributed to this post.